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Himelhoch's Heritage

Photo Representative of Himelhoch Family History

We Himelhochs are proud of the heritage that Wolf, Isaac and Meyer Himelhoch left us. Imagine the motivation, character, and mental alertness that brought each, traveling alone from a remote spot near the Baltic Sea to the tiny town of Caro, Michigan, and then on to the big city of Detroit. They earned the respect and admiration of the communities where they made significant business and civic contributions.

Under the Poles from 1727 to 1754, Courland Jews suffered six mass expulsions and later from time-to-time under the Russians were subjected to horrendous fines, fees and taxes, along with impossible residency restrictions and travel and employment discrimination. Worst of all, Catherine the Great and Ivan the Terrible drowned them in the river when they refused to convert.

However, discrimination and persecution were mild in the 1870s when the Himelhochs left. The economy was also starting to explode. It does not seem, therefore, that they were fleeing anything.

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