Personalities of the Himelhoch Brothers

The four brothers of Himelhoch Brothers and Company, Wolfs sons, were so different but they were perfect gentlemen and shared the same immediately recognizable sincerity and humility.

�� The Himelhoch Brothers and Wolf Himelhoch-Founders of Himelhoch's.

Photo from The Detroit Free Press, 05 February 2018 - Two Generations of Himehochs - Zell, Herman, Grandpa Wolf, Israel, and Moses

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Herman Himelhoch-The Merchant Genius.Herman Himelhoch Moses Himelhoch-Known as Himelhoch's Mr. Inside.Moses HimelhochZella Himelhoch-A Page our of Sinclair Lewis; Babbitt.Zella Himelhoch - Zell Israel Himelhoch-Longest Term Brother in Charge of Himelhoch's.Israel Himelhoch

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