Religious Lifestyle in Caro, Michigan

We know in Caro, Michigan, Wolf put on a prayer shawl and prayed when he killed chickens and that the family would make the 60-mile round trip to Bay City by horse and buggy for the holy days. Further, in 1907, when the Wolf Himelhoch family en-mass moved to Detroit and joined the very German-oriented Reformed Jewish Temple Beth El, Wolf significantly also joined the Orthodox Synagogue Shaarey Zedek.

On the other hand, according to Dorr Wiltse in “A Look in Your Own Back Yard,” the three brothers homes were a stones throw from the First Presbyterian Church, to which the men gave annual financial support. The Himelhoch women also belonged to the Ladies Aid Society.

Charles Himelhoch said, “I might also add my father had little understanding of Hebrew and his familiarity with Yiddish was limited to those well-known expressions familiar to many sophisticated non-Jews. At one period he decided to have prayers at the table on Friday nights. We would all hold hands and his botched-up Hebrew prayer raised eye brows.”

Himelhoch's Founders-Jews Who Belonged in Caro, Michigan

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